Friday, 29 June 2007


2Weeks 2 go, 7months of photos.
Lost mikki's selection.
Loosing my concentration...
Loosing IT so easily!
Exhibition on the 17th. I think...

Hanna back In WonderLand

One more GoodBey to one Crazy girl. The beautiful Hanna. May we MeetAgain.

Monday, 25 June 2007

2day's Portraits

06:45 Pm Olmert
10:00 The Charming Emanuel
13:00 Alex Suspected Killer

Saturday, 23 June 2007

Global Warming

Its doesn't feel like its getting hotter-It does! & we'r doing F#%k all about it. Dragged sensitive sick Shimi (AkA Richard) to shot Summer. Getting to the fountain i was greeted by local Palestinian youth: "Welcome to our country !" I replied : Thanx, but I live 2 min away from here. He looked at me with a smile... "Still, Welcome 2 OUR country! " Witty! Is'nt he? Richard was sitting in the shade looking all miserable and from there 2 have Soya Ice coffe! Thank god 4 non kosher Coffee's open on Sat'


Its a bird?! its a plane?! NO! Its-Sensitive Shimi (aka Richard)

Friday, 22 June 2007

The Big Parade

I Didn't shot any Gays kissing and all that rubbish.. I think that it was one of the most boring gay parades ever, but it was important to go thru with. Beshana habaa' SHOV be-Yerushalaim habnoyia!
(hopefully Shimi will come again:)


ArticPorn-Getting ready 4 the parade

Much 2 early & Im MUCH 2 grumpy I get the phonecall-a silly assignment 4 the paper.
They want to see The Forces taking positions in order to protect the marchers from the fantics! So as a tribute to a photo taken 2 days ago- I went 4 the ARTIC-Porn!